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About .NAME

Names are an essential part of our lives. Now, with .name, your name can be central to your life online too. As your .name can be registered for up to 10 years and ownership is renewable, your .name really can be yours for life.

Email for life
e.g. peter@morgan.name

It makes life simpler. The only thing anyone needs to remember to get in touch is your name.

It's incredibly accessible. Wherever you are in the world, however often you change jobs or ISPs, you'll be able to receive your email through your .name address.

It could be your universal address. Very soon, you'll be able to use it as your contact address on an array of different devices, including your cellular phone.

I want my .name now!

Web address for life
e.g. www.peter.morgan.name

It's personal. Whether you use it to show off your holiday photos or as an online portfolio, your .name domain is an easy way to express yourself online.

It's global. It will be a new global standard for personal Web addresses - in exactly the same way as .com is for business, so you'll be part of a worldwide family of users.

It's non-commercial. No companies or third parties are mentioned in your domain.

It will develop into a unified 'digital identity'. Soon it could be a secure repository for personal information and a way of shopping online without giving out your financial details.

Domains (gTLDs) are designed to radically increase the availability of personal domains through our ‘two dot system’.

Uniquely for a gTLD, .name domains are only issued at the third level and therefore have two dots. This extra dot enables you to share your family name with thousands of others, vastly increasing your chance of using your full name as your web address.

A .name domain can follow either of these formats:

firstname.lastname.name or lastname.firstname.name

You can also use your initials or nicknames instead of your first names, or use numbers to create your unique identity.

If you register your .name domain, your .name email address of the same name will be put on hold for as long as you own the registration on your domain. If you then decide to buy, you must do so through the Official Provider that sold you your domain. But remember you'll get your .name domain and email more inexpensively if you register them together.

I want my .name now!

How do I register a .NAME domain name?
.NAME domain names are registered a little differently than other domains.

  1. First you will need to create an account. Click here to do so or login if you already have an account.
  2. Next you'll want to check the availability of the name you want to register. This is available at anytime on our site in the yellow box up above.
  3. You need to type in that box the .name name you want with a period (.) separating the two names (like john.smith).
  4. Then select .NAME in the drop down menu, and press "GO".
  5. Select the domains you want to purchase from the availability list, and whether you want to purchase the .NAME email address at a discount or not. Then click the "add to cart" button.
  6. From the cart you can checkout and you are done.
  7. After a waiting period of 12 to 24 hours your name will be "live" all over the world.

  8. You can also go directly to our .NAME search page: http://. This page can be navigated by going to the "domain names" section, and clicking the .NAME link.

What is the difference between .NAME and the other TLDs?
.NAME was started to give personal domain name access to a much larger amount of people. Since no one can register just a last name, your chances of having your firstname.lastname.name combination is much greater.
The biggest and most obvious difference is that you need to register the second level and third level of a domain name (i.e. thirdlevel.secondlevel.toplevel is the structure of a domain name). So in short, you need to check and register two pieces of a domain instead of one.
Another difference is that the .NAME registry also offers (at a fee) an email address used only to forward email built around this structure: thirdlevel@secondlevel.name (i.e. john@smith.name for the john.smith.name registrant).

How do I get the ".NAME email forwarding" email address?
Your ".NAME email forwarding" email address is offered to you FREE with your .NAME registration. It is set by default to auto forward all emails to your default eNom billing email address.
To change that email address, go into the control panel of your .NAME domain and click on the ".NAME Email" button.

What is the difference between the ".NAME email forwarding" email address and the free eNom email forward service?
The difference is in the structure of the email address. With the .NAME email address, the structure would look like this for the john.smith.name registrant: john@smith.name. With eNom you can have many more email addresses forwarded, but the email address structure would look like this since the full domain name is john.smith.name: email@john.smith.name or john@john.smith.name etc.

Can I have a ".NAME email forwarding" email address and use one of eNom's email services at the same time?
Yes. You can use the .NAME email forwarding service (which you can manage in your eNom account), and also select an eNom email service such as email forwarding (free) or POP3/Webmail.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@select.net.

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